Behavior and Spiritual Descent into Addiction

When a person struggles with prolonged drug use, they are literally not themselves. 

Behavioral and Spiritual Descent into Addiction

To say that addiction is a slippery slope is an understatement. Once the door is opened, actions lead to actions with demoralization at the base. An explanation of this circumstance is known as behavior disinhibitions.

What Are Behavioral Disinhibitions?

Behavioral disinhibitions can be detected in anyone who consumes alcohol or drugs that act as depressants of the central nervous system (CNS). This includes benzos. Specifically, benzodiazepine use can damage the frontal lobe of the brain and disinhibit the frontal cortex from self-regulation and control. Behavioral disinhibitions in people who use benzodiazepines chronically and for a longer period of time refers to a lack of ability to control behavior, and engage in acts without considering the potential consequences. Read more about this here.

Matt's Addiction Descent

Matt Brown, an author on Addiction Recovery Care , explains his descent into addiction and increasingly destructive behavioral disinhibitions in the article entitled, "Addiction — a mental and physical problem with a spiritual solution: Matt’s story":

Once she and I divorced, I no longer had to hide my use. This also coincided with the beginning of what I call the


Today, April 22 is Earth day. It is a day dedicated to increasing awareness of all types of issues related to our environment. While the original founder of this “awareness holiday” was not a Christian, many of the ideas being promoted do align with mandates within the faith.

Earth Day

As Christians, we are called to be stewards of the Earth. Right from the very beginning in Genesis 2:15 the Bible says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” And in Psalms 24:1 “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.”

Since the entirety of the Earth is God’s, we are called to be good stewards of it, taking care of it, and preserving it. In Matthew 5:13, Jesus tells us that we, as Christians, are to be the salt of the earth. Although Jesus is teaching a theological lesson with this statement, it has environmental implications as well. Salt served as a key component in ancient fertilizers used in the soil, and it serves as a key nutrient in the fertility of soil today. Without that key ingredient, the


A recent study by the ASAM estimates that American employers lose billions of dollars a year of productivity due to opiate abuse. These losses appear in the form of missed work, injuries related to intoxication, and termination and training of new replacement employees. In some studies, that number has been estimated to be as high as $65 billion dollars per year in the US alone, but the problem is worldwide.

opioids in the workplace our masters camp

The study serves as yet another example of the reach and devastation related to the American addiction crisis, in its many and often hidden forms.

Nationally, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, employers are losing $10 billion a year from absenteeism and lost productivity due to opioid abuse.

Nearly one in 20 workers who have received an opioid prescription, on average 4.5 percent, have demonstrated a pattern of drug abuse, according to the firm's research. Among baby boomers, the prevalence of abuse is even higher at nearly 7.5 percent. Read More…

What makes this study unique is its assertion of an exact dollar figure regarding the damages caused by this issue, and the fact that a very large portion of these addicts are highly functional professionals and blue-collar … READ MORE

virutal reality and drug treatment

One of the more troubling aspects of completing a treatment program for addiction is that eventually most people will need to geographically return home or attend a transitional housing program. For many, this is a great cause of apprehension, but a group of researchers at the University of Houston are using virtual reality technology to recreate the scenes and circumstances a person in recovery may eventually face.

“In traditional therapy, we role-play with the patient but the context is all wrong,” said Patrick Bordnick, an associate dean of research and one of the study leaders.

“They know they're in a therapist's office and the drug isn’t there. We need to put patients in realistic virtual reality environments and make them feel they are there with the drug, and the temptation, to get a clearer picture and improve interventions,” Bordnick said.  Read more…

The University of Houston study has positioned its virtual reality creation to be highly detailed, intuitive, and realistic, but this is not the first foray of virtual reality into the world of addiction.

In 2013, a Duke university researcher also attempted to use virtual reality environments to both trigger relapse behavior and also voice advice on navigating the … READ MORE

The Apps that Can Save You From Relapse

Apps that keep you clean

Getting clean and staying clean are what these recovery related phone apps were created to help you accomplish. Just as there is no “one way” to achieve sobriety, this selection of different apps will not work for everyone. You will however, be able to use this list to aid you in shortcutting the selection and testing of these wonderfully thoughtful addiction recovery applications.

Simulate Facial Deterioration App

girl using iceeffexWant to give a young person a “healthy fear” of what drugs (specifically meth in this app) will do to their complexion and facial features? The Ice Effex App is currently very popular, especially amongst the youth, because it's very visual, creepy, albeit a bit sensationalized.

This app has made it possible to see what you would look like after months or even years in active meth addiction. This is a great tool to help shape the conscious of drugs, especially because it can be very difficult for people considering trying drugs to foresee the long term consequences in a way that is so illustrative and personal. Danielle Stewart, a writer at, has taken the time to compile the following apps:


There is a crisis in the U.S., and the cause of that crisis is opioid addiction in its many forms. Opioids are medications that diminish pain in the area of the brain that controls emotion, and because of technological evolutions, they have become even more powerful in the last few years.

The results have been devastating, and by committing to overhauling their previously established stance, the FDA is taking positive steps to correcting bad policy.
Overhauling OpioidsIn response to this crisis, the agency has developed a comprehensive action plan to take concrete steps toward reducing the impact of opioid abuse on American families and communities.

As part of this plan, the agency is committing to work more closely with its advisory committees before making critical product and labeling decisions; enhancing safety labeling; requiring new data; and seeking to improve treatment of both addiction and pain. At the same time, the FDA will fundamentally re-examine the risk-benefit paradigm for opioids and ensure that the agency considers the wider public health effects.

Drug overdose deaths, driven largely by overdose from prescription opioids and illicit drugs like heroin and illegally-made fentanyl, are now the leading cause of injury death in the United


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anger management advice
Anger addiction, at times known as anger control problems, anger management problems or anger disorders refers to dysfunctional patterns in the manner in which a person handles or reacts to anger. An anger control problem can go out of proportion, be destructive and leads to inappropriate reactions in a given circumstance. Most of the times, dysfunctional anger causes unnecessary harm to others, thus making an individual a danger to other people’s safety.

Certain individuals portray unhealthy ways of expressing and managing their anger in styles that are clearly unhealthy.

Evident Traits Of Anger Addiction

Behavioral Aggression
Verbal Abuse
Why treatment sometimes fails and how to overcome them

There are many challenges to achieving long lasting recovery. In a video released by addiction professional Keenan Diamond (video here), 5 of the biggest reasons addiction treatment fails is laid out.

Reason #1 – Program is Too Short

Often times rehabilitationis too short. 28 or 30 day rehab centers can only go so far in stabilizing a person’s substance abuse addiction.

Our Masters Camp is a 90 day addiction recovery center based on Christian principles. The reason that the program is 90 days is that we believe anything shorter than this amount time is inadequate. It is even common for program participants to stay on past the 90 day point.

Reason #2 – Lack of Transitional Planning

The second reason is he explains is that there is a lack of transition planning for when the inpatient or in-house treatment is terminated.  Without a plan for what comes after rehabilitation, many go back to the same temptations, behaviors and lifestyles they had before treatment.

Our Masters camp offers all program graduates the opportunity to either stay on longer at the center or participate in a transition program that is facilitated by Providence Ministries of Dalton Georgia. Learn more about … READ MORE