Drug Treatment Center Directory

Drug addiction is the chronic and intense compulsion to satisfy cravings in the brain through the repeated use of a substance no matter the cost or consequences.  It is a condition that involves compulsive drug use, craving and seeking, withdrawal, and dysfunctional behavior. Learn more about drug addiction.

It has the ability to steal a persons’ joy, destroy their purpose and testimony, and even kill them given a long enough time table.  And unlike many other diseases, it can never be fully cured… but it can be arrested. Please browse the directory of addiction treatment programs below to find drug abuse treatment center that best suits your needs.


"After trying several times to quit on my own I finally tried something different. OMC was where God placed me to help me recover from alcohol addiction. I suggest this for anyone struggling with an addiction."
J.O. - Our Masters Camp Graduate

Your Time is Now.

Our Master’s Camp is not a traditional drug rehab or treatment center. We are a spiritual rejuvenation program that helps men renew their souls while they recover from drugs, alcohol, and behavior addiction… all through the power of Jesus Christ.

You have not found us by chance. God has a beautiful plan for your life. He wants to make you an example of His immeasurable love and healing power.

Our caring staff is standing by and ready to meet you where you are, & there is NO condemnation when you contact us.

The number to call is 423-447-2340 or you can use the many communication tools we make handy on every single page of our website. We truly look forward to the chance to speak with you and are praying for you every day even though we haven’t met in person yet. May God bless you on this, the most important journey of your life.

Because We Believe Affordable Addiction Care Should be Available to Everyone. Period.